BJP Govt has let down people, says Kiran Choudhry  

Chandigarh : ( Sharma) Mrs Kiran Choudhry, Leader of the Haryana Congress Legislature Party, has accused the BJP Government, led by the Chief Minister, Mr Manohar Lal Khattar, of hugely letting down the people of the state by pursuing wrong priorities and ignoring the issues that are agitating them and cry for immediate solution. Law and order has collapsed, women and girls are feeling insecure and unsafe, farmers are crying, and people are getting restive, she added.

Addressing a public rally in Cheeka village of Guhla Tehsil, Kaithal District, today, the former excise and taxation minister said be it farmers, traders, workers or any section of the society, all are sick of the BJP Government which believes in talking more and doing less, and feeding people on false promises. Worse still, the Khattar Government has mastered the art of playing flip-flops and finds it convenient to go back on its word when cornered.

On the law-and-order front, Mrs Choudhry said the situation was turning from bad to worse with every passing day. Haryana under BJP has come to acquire the dubious distinction of becoming the rape capital of north India. Rapes and murders have become routine.  Women and girls are afraid of moving out even in daytime, and people in general are feeling scared.

  Referring to the plight of farmers in the state, she asked the BJP Government to stop playing such cruel pranks on them as the promise to double their income by 2022, and MSP one-and-a-half times the cost of production, and instead of cane-charging them, solve their immediate problems which are making them hit the roads.

Describing the promise to double the income as a cruel and crafty prank on the farmers, she contended that it was simply unachievable. For, the gross value addition (GVA) in agriculture during the last four years has been a meager 1.9 per cent. The GVA has to be close to 12 per cent by 2022 if the farmers’ income is to be doubled, something well beyond the realm of reach. She  asked the Khattar Government to implement the Swaminathan Commission report and solve the water and other woes of the farmers of the state, especially in Hisar and Bhiwani.

On the issue of agitation by government employees and  Anganwadi workers, Mrs Choudhry asked the BJP Government to keep its word and concede their genuine demands. “Instead of resorting to diversionary tactics to divert people’s attention from its failure on all fronts, the state government should perform and address the issues that concern them”, Mrs Choudhry demanded.


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