Perfect Employee for Profit # JP Malhotra TAP-DC


Every employee of an enterprise is equally important link in the chain so that Perfect Quality results in Profit – said Mr. JP Malhotra Founder Chairman Technology & Personality Development Center speaking at a special Training Session on the EEUIP to Senior & Middle Managers of Sai Packaging Company.

Enterprise Employee Quality Upgradation Inclusive Programme encompasses the Skill Upgradation of employees pan organizationwhich results in high employee salary, covers absentism, adds value to an Employee & motivates the fellow colleagues.

For successful & effective contribution to growth of the organization, the employer &the employees need to change the way they use to work, act & deliver, announce & document the performance. Implementation of Kaizen Suggestion Scheme which envisages suggestion by an employee of his own work area, suggestion in the morning Reward in the evening & Rewarding the copying of an idea goes a longway in Total employee Involvement and motivates them to engage& think about transformation & growth of the enterprise.

Mr. JP Malhotra introduced two new words Finitiative – taking on initiative uptofinish &implementation of proposal,Servitude – an attitude to serve which was appreciated by the participants. Chaltahai Attitude has to stop. Mr. JP Malhotra gave Success Mantras& Shifts required in workplace so that organization & its employee are put on growth trajectory in unison.

Every employee is a Diamond in himself& must look upto 4C’s qualities in him likePassion, Positive Energy, Performance, Personality, Principles, Patriotism. This is possible if you doSWOT Analysis& take incremental steps to correct the way you intend to contribute to progress of the organization.


Ms. CharuSmita Malhotra CEO Technology & Personality Development Center gave TIPS on Team Building & improvement in communication process and positive response style of work. The employees need to appreciate and accept the company’s culture.

Ms. Priyata RaghavanDirector Sai Packaging profusely thanked

Mr. JP Malhotra for his 100minute presentation which is likely to open new horizons of Quality Upgradation of Employees in totality.Mr. Vijay R Raghavan CMD Sai Packaging who also present throughout was very appreciative of the deep & relevant points in presentation for the overall Team Building &organisation Growth.


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