SACHIN CHILANA celebrated his 38th Birth Day today along with 450 abandoned Senior Citizens and disabled people of  “The Earth Saviours Foundation” at Bandhwari Village.


Sachin Chilana mooted this idea to see the pathetic conditions of these people who actually need help, care, love, affection and bond of belongingness as they have been deprived from these feelings. Sachin also appealed to Rotary Club Aravali Faridabad & Miraculous Club Members  to contribute gracefully for these abandoned human beings.


Shri Ravi Kalra (Karma Yogi) who is Founder & President of this NGO shared his views to all participants to spare some time for these unprivileged class and share their feelings apart from contribute and whatsoever the help they can do voluntarily for noble cause.


CHILANA FAMILY served meal to all 450 persons on this occasion.


Rtn. Gaurav Ahuja, President , Rotary Club Aravali Faridbad along with Rtn. Vishal Parnami and Members  donated Rs.21000/- to this NGO.


Shri Alok Jain, Director, Miraculous Club  also celebrated his birth day and committed to render all possible help to this NGO.


Apart from above, Rtn. Ravish Taneja, Sumit Gaur, Rajat Chawla, Prabhjit Singh, Sandhir Malik, Ajay Grover, Tilak Raj Sharma, Parijat Luthra, Vivek, Bipin, Siddarth Mendiratta, Sonia, Dishant, Sonal, Abhinav Gera, Hitanshu Heera, Ruchi, Honey, Sangeeta Chilana, Manju Grover, Deeksha Parnami, Deekha Chilana, Dhruv Khosla, Pranav Chopra, Joginder Singh Pal, Narinder Thakur etc were also present and inspired from this ceremony.


R K Chilana expressed his sincere thanks to Shri Ravi Kalra, Ms Ganga Agarwal their staff all participants.


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