The most relevant issue nowadays is the. To make the students aware
about the hazards of consumerism and the importance of a sustainable
ways of development, FMS Sector-31 organized a seminar on the
topic Sustainable Development on 4 July 2018. A presentation was
shown to explain the issues like carbon footprints that concern us all.
Students were made aware of the energy and other resources which
are used to make the common things that we consume. The need of
the hour to conserve all natural and non-renewable resources and
intelligent usage of renewable resources was discussed with students.
Students came up with several new and innovative ideas about
conservation of resources and shared them in the seminar. They
promised to decrease the usage of petro based products and efficient
use of paper and energy. Students learned about the importance of
recycling and reuse in conserving natural resources. In the seminar
students were motivated by the teachers to educate and encourage the
people around them about the issue of sustainable development and
conservation. Students found the seminar very interesting, educative
and thoroughly relevant.


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