Teacher’s Day celebrated at Satyug Darshan Vidyalaya

faridabad : (zeeharyana.com/Sunita Sharma)  Satyug Darshan Vidyalaya celebrated the Teacher’s Day, to honour
the teachers who tirelessly cultivate the intellect, values and emotions. An acknowledgement to their endeavours for imparting knowledge, enlightening and shaping the lives of the torch-bearers of tomorrow. Satyug Darshan Vidyalaya celebrated the day exquisitely at its expansive well-equipped auditorium in the presence of the Chief
guest, Shri Sajjan, the Mentor of the Satyug Darshan Trust, the Chairperson of Satyug Darshan Trust, Chairman sir, Shri Kailash Dhingra and the Director-Principal Dr. Shreesh Bhardwaj, the seasoned scholar and educationist accompanied by Mr. Bhupesh, Director of Satyug Darshan Technical Campus and Mr. Deepender
Kant, the Principal of Satyug Darshan Sangeet Kala Kendra.
The formal commencement took place with a warm welcome and the ceremonial lamp lighting, followed by welcome dance that showcased the students’ knowledge of performing arts. The enthralled audience applauded the speech delivered by Akshay of class 12 th . In his speech he highlighted the significant role of the teachers.The humanity in a
real sense instilled by the teachers in the formative period of a child. The dazzling dancers of the primary wing performed a group dance. This was followed by Doha recitation focusing on the role of a `guru’ The scintillating ballet presented by the students could steal the show. The hall echoed with the lyrics of ballet, focusing upon humanity that left all the spectators astounded and spellbound. It was followed by ballet on Aatm-parichay. The performers staged various manifestations of the pervading power. Dr. Shreesh Bhardwaj, the Director-Principal expressed his heartfelt views and spoke all high about spiritual skill that is corresponding the school curriculum
in Satyug Darshan Vidyalaya.

The most awaited moment was Sajjan Ashirvachan in which he reiterated on the close-knit bond of teachers and students and also appealed all to awaken humanity, self-introspection and self-improvement. The cautious exchange of  knowledge with self-restraint attitude should take place Failing to do so there is vulnerability of sharp mental decline.


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