Training on Fire Safety in Industry @DLF # JP Malhotra

Fire is an uninvited happening without prior notice.Breaking out of Fire & its consequences could always paralyze the enterprise operations. We need to be aware of hazards & havocs of Fire. We need to quip & train our employees to meet eventualities caused by Fire -Said Mr. JPMalhotra President DLF Industries Association in the opening session on “Full Day Training on Fire Safety in Industry” organized by DLF Industries Association through Technology And Personality Development Center(TAP-DC)


A very effective & exclusive Full Day Training, conducted by experiencedFaculty &Trainer Team from Govt. of NCT approved organization, was very educative & practical, comprised of Three Technical Sessions, one practical drill where participants were explained & consequently did Fire Extinguishing exercise and final round table discussion.


Mr. Vijay R Raghavan Hony. General Secretary, DLF Industries Association in his opening remarks gave practical tips on what needs to followedby all MSMEs irrespective of size to meet the Fire Safety Requirements. Reasonableexpenditure need to be made & regular mock drills should be done.


Ms. CharuSmita Malhotra CEO Tap-DC said that knowing how to act in the event of a fire is an important skill for employees. Fire Safety training is about making sure someone knows what to do in an emergency. Not only is it a smart choice, it is also the law. Educating your concerned staff regarding best practices keeps your premises, your business, and everyone inside it safe.


Mr. K.K Nangia Treasurer DLF Industries Association thanked the organizations for sending delegates to the Training and remarked that Fire &its consequence should not be underestimated. He suggested that DLF Industries Association would conduct such programme at regular intervals to meet the demands of the Industry


Mr. JP Malhotra desired that participants should discuss & advise their fellow colleagues the contents of Training learnt by them to create a multiplier effect for the benefit of their organisations.


42 Participants drawn fromMSMEs including Victora Tools, AgromechEngineering Pvt Ltd., Imperial Auto Industries, Alumex International, India Forge, Scottish High Public School, Perfect Bread, Goodwell Industries, Dee Development, Sai Security,Ottoman Industries, Bhartiya Valves Pvt. ltd., Hi Tech Engineers etcattended the Training.


All of them in one voice appreciated the conduct of the Training in a most professional manner by Technology And Personality Development Center which was very interactive as could be gauged from the participants Q & A where all their doubts were cleared by the Faculty.



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