World Telecommunication & Infm Day 2018 @ IEI # Er. J P Malhotra

The Institution of Engineers Faridabad Local Centre organised World Telecommunication & Information Society Day in association with & at Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth on 17th May 2018.

Inaugurating the conference, Er.  J P Malhotra Past Chairman IEI & President DLF Industries Association congratulated the IEI & Lingayas for the joint organisation.  Elaborating on the theme “Enabling Positive use of Artificial Intelligent for all, Er. J P Malhotra said that Artificial Intelligence is a set of associated technologies and techniques that can be used to complement traditional approaches & human intelligence. Artificial Intelligence can help analyze enormous volumes of data, which in turn can improve predictions, prevent crimes and help government’s better serve people. In order to reap the benefits of AI, vast amounts of data are needed, which are only available through mass digitization – an area where developing countries lag far behind. There can be no mass digitization without universal and affordable access to broadband.

Mr. J P Malhotra was categorical in stating that AI does not mean loss of jobs for MSMEs. In fact Artificial Intelligence is as good as Autonotation where the equipment is able to sense the malfunction of the machine & stop it to provide defectives. Any development leads to disruption in any walk of life but the advantage & benefits of AI are Numerous. Citing the case study by Audi, 90% of car accidents are caused by human error. AI & autonomous driving would reduce accidents & save life. AI can help people with special needs as visually impaired & hearing impairment.

AI can help in monitoring hygiene in hospital, using drones for inspecting power lines, predictive modelling of disease outbreak etc .

Dr. D N Rao Vice- chancellor of Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth,  in his message conveyed that Today the scenario is characterised by powerful forces of change- far reaching and continuing development in Artificial Intelligence. This will have a tremendous impact on new products in Electronics, IT, Software, Telecom, Health care, pharmaceutical, financial and Banking, Smart City and every other realm of life. Artificial intelligence is fast becoming one of the areas of concern globally and is transforming the world in ways we had never imagined.

He whole heartedly congratulated Founder Chairman Er. J P Malhotra, Institution of Engineers (India) Faridabad in association with Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth, Faridabad for organising this thought provoking conference on the occasion of “World Telecommunication and Information Society Day-2018”

To take the session forward and enlighten the audience with the theme, Dr. SVAV Prasad, Dean Research Corporate Affairs, Lingaya’s gave a practical example of positive use of Artificial Intelligence. He explained at length how a knife can be used positively by a Doctor to treat patients and the same knife can be used for unethical work by a criminal. Similarly Artificial Intelligence can be used ethically and unethically.


Theme Technology papers were presented by  Dr. Sudeshna Chakraborty, Er. Pankaj Kuma, Mr. Dinesh Kumar, Ms. Shilpi Singh, Mr. Sameer Kumar.


Dr. SVAV Prasad Dean Corporate affairs Honoured Er. J P Malhotra by presenting a memento for his contribution in bringing industry closer to educational institutions & bridging the gaps. Memento was presented to Er. A K Sehgal &  Er. Sandeep Handa the energetic Hony. Secretary of IEI who presented vote of Thanks & expressed his gratitude to Faculty, Student. Members of IEI present in sufficient number.The feedback of the program was very encouraging. The Session provided a new outlook in the context of positive use of Artificial Intelligence and new prospective in terms of the technology.



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